Pulp Painting

pulp paintingPulp painting is a form of painting paper on paper.  Paper pulp, usually cotton, is overbeaten to make a fine slurry which is then pigmented to form a personal palette.   These specially pigmented pulps are applied to a freshly pulled sheet of paper using a variety of techniques to execute the desired effect or image.  The painting can be very abstract or very exacting depending upon the tools used.  Application can be free hand or with the aid of tools, stencils, monoprints  and a variety of additives.  It is very fluid and rather that a work on paper, the image is the final work of paper.  The result may be complete or the pulp painting may be augmented by printmaking, collage or any other technique that might be enjoyed by the artist.  It is a great crossover technique to expand an artist’s skills.

Students will work on samples of the various techniques.

1 session  9:30 – 4:30   maximum # students 6

prerequisite:  Introduction to Western Papermaking

Though classes may have a scheduled date, if  three to six people get together, we can find a date that suits us all!  Most papermaking classes are 2 days; see the calendar below for free dates available (green boxes).


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