artist statement


Paper is ubiquitous, even in this digital world.  In fact, it is so common we often are not even aware of its influence on our culture and daily life.  It is one of our great communication tools for visual and literary art, education, business, important news, as well as our inner thoughts and emotions.  Music, poetry, literature, scripture are transcribed, shared and influenced by the aesthetic qualities of the papers on which they are presented.  Paper can be stacked, covered with marks (random, as well as those with specific meaning), collated and bound into books.  It can be traded and is the foundation of cultures, governments and economic systems; it can be folded, molded, painted, dyed, lacquered, twisted, waterproofed and worn as clothing or adornment or for sacred and ceremonial theatrical or protective garments.

Whether 2-dimensional prints and drawings or 3-dimensional objects-installations, I find paper tangible and alive.  I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the qualities of paper  The weight, thickness, drape, stiffness, opacity, texture, durability and permanence of the paper influence our reaction to and appreciation of what we see, feel, smell and hear as we observe and use the papers in our life.  The various processes used to make paper enable me to manipulate these aesthetic and physical properties, especially translucency and texture.  Using these techniques to produce my work, I hope to draw the viewer into a piece and provide a connection to their own perspective and experiences in their life.